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Connecting Souls, Creating Home

 WelcOME to our enchanted sanctuary where authenticity thrives and souls find their true home. Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of seekers where workshops, events, and gatherings around the world await, fostering growth and connection.

Every Room Holds a Story, Every Workshop Ignites a Journey...

Step into our enchanted realm and discover a multitude of rooms, each offering a unique opportunity for growth and exploration. At OME every activity, workshop, and gathering is designed to support you on your journey and empower you. Whether you seek solace in solitude or crave the camaraderie of kindred spirits, our doors are always open, and our arms ever-welcoming.

 A living room with a fireplace and large windows.

Living Room

Gather in comfort, where connections flourish and wisdom flows through enriching workshops.

A colorful chair in an artist's studio.

Art Studio

Unleash creativity in a realm of boundless inspiration, where imagination thrives in expressive workshops.

A bedroom with an orange comforter and wooden walls.


Discover tranquility and renewal, where dreams awaken and self-discovery blossoms in serene workshops.

A room with a view of a river and trees.

Meditation Garden

Discover inner peace and serenity, where stillness reigns and mindfulness blooms in tranquil workshops.

A conference room with a large table and chairs.


Cultivate productivity and growth, where ideas ignite and aspirations soar in empowering workshops.

A kitchen with a large window.


Nourish body and soul, as culinary delights and conversations blend in vibrant workshops.

Sphere on Green Spiral Stairs.

What We Do





Where souls intertwine and hearts resonate in harmony, fostering deep bonds and shared experiences.


With unwavering presence, we listen, observe, and respond with care, nurturing understanding and empathy.


Embrace the journey of growth as we unlock the potential within and evolve into our highest selves.


Embrace vulnerability & curiosity, fostering diversity, inclusion, and endless possibilities in our welcoming community.


Radiating warmth and compassion, we uplift and support one another, creating a nurturing oasis of love and acceptance.

"Home is not a place, it's a feeling." - Unknown
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