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Day 1- The Door

Today marks the beginning of our transformative journey together. As we gather in the serene landscapes of Tuscany, we open the door to new experiences, connections, and self-discovery. The metaphor of "The Door" represents the start of this adventure, inviting you to step into a space of exploration and growth. Embrace the new, cherish the familiar, and let this day be the foundation of a transformative experience. Welcome home.

What is home for me?

Home is more than just a physical place; it’s a feeling of belonging, safety, and authenticity. On this first day, we will delve into what home means to each of us. Through thought-provoking workshops and intimate discussions, we will examine our expectations, the masks we wear, and the parts of ourselves we bring to new experiences.


Day 2- The Sofa

Today, we delve deeper into our journey of self-discovery and connection. The metaphor for the day is "The Sofa," symbolizing comfort, safety, and the familiar. As we settle into this metaphorical sofa, we will explore our comfort zones, challenge our boundaries, and learn to feel safe in our true selves.

We always start from our comfort zone and outgrow it.

Your comfort zone is where you feel safe and secure, but growth happens when you step beyond it. Today’s sessions are designed to help you identify your comfort zones and gently encourage you to explore beyond them. Through engaging workshops and meaningful reflections, you will gain insights into your personal boundaries and how to expand them.

Embrace the opportunity to learn more about yourself, to feel safe in your authenticity, and to build lasting connections with those around you. Let today be a step towards a more open and fearless you.


Day 3- The Mirror

Today, we embark on a journey of self-reflection and acceptance. The metaphor for the day is "The Mirror," symbolizing self-awareness, truth, and vulnerability. As we look into this metaphorical mirror, we will confront our reflections, embrace our true selves, and open our hearts to being seen by others.

We grow up (most of us) too afraid of what we will see in the mirror.

Looking in the mirror can be challenging; it forces us to see both our strengths and our flaws. Today’s sessions are designed to help you view yourself with compassion and honesty. Through introspective workshops and heartfelt discussions, you will learn to accept all parts of yourself and find the courage to share your true self with others.


Remember that self-reflection is a powerful tool for growth. Embrace the opportunity to see yourself clearly, to accept all that you are, and to share your true self with others. Let today be a step towards greater self-awareness and openness.


Day 4- The Table

Today, we come together to celebrate connection and community. The metaphor for the day is "The Table," symbolizing gathering, nourishment, and shared experiences. As we sit around this metaphorical table, we will reflect on our relationships, our contributions to the community, and our shared humanity.

What do I want to feel in my life?

As we reflect on our desires for connection, belonging, and fulfillment, today’s sessions are designed to deepen our connections with others, commit to positive changes in our lives, and embrace the power of community.

Embrace the opportunity to support and be supported, commit to positive changes, and build lasting connections. Let today be a celebration of our shared humanity and our capacity to create meaningful connections.


Online Follow Up - The Phone

Date: To Be Announced

Today, we come together for a unique online experience where we'll continue to foster connection and community in the digital space. Through the metaphor of "The Phone," symbolizing staying connected, we'll share experiences, reflections, and insights gained from OMEFest. Engage in meaningful discussions, connect with fellow participants, and keep the spirit of OMEFest alive as we journey together beyond the physical boundaries of Tuscany.

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